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Guess the verse?

The term "verse" arose out of musical theatre going back to the early part of the twentieth century. Originally, and this definition is still used by many in music theatre or those whose repertoire is derived largely from theatre and jazz standards , the verse was the vocal introduction and the chorus is the refrain, the familiar body of the song we identify as the song. For example, we often hear Tony Bennett sing the verse ( a vocal introduction in rubato tempo ) to the song, "I Left My Heart In San Francisco". The song is the chorus. Sometimes the music will use the term "refrain", in lieu of the term "chorus". In the late sixties, the terms changed in pop music probably the result of young musicians misundertanding old sheet music. 
And since I absolutely adore what verse brings to every song, and how it intimately involves you in the story that is about to happen, I decided to create this `Guess the verse` series. I will be posting a verse every month, and it`s going to be on you to guess the song. 
Guess which song it is?

Guess The Verse Series ( Season 1 )