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"Sofija is outstanding…, one of the best vocalists around, she intoxicates with a combination of power and tenderness” - Jazz Times

"There are people who are good at their jobs. There are people who are great at their jobs. But there are people to whom God personally, giving them all possible talent, ordered to work on a holly mission to save the human soul. I am sure that Sofija Knezevic was sent on that mission"

 - Art Boulevard

"When jazz fans of the future look back, I believe Sofijazz will stand out as one of the best voices of our generation“


“Mind blowing musicianship, fearless and creative. There is no one else quite like her” - Village Voice

“ With a brilliantly authoritative and gentle touch of her voice, Knezevic has a very bright future in jazz. “

- Hot House Jazz

"This is an old school vocalist in the best sense of that word, who does not only take the typical techniques and tricks of great jazz divas from the past, but on this basis is masterfully building her own expression"

 - Jazzin' Magazine